April 2, 2015

PEOPLE ARE GREAT #04: KieraPlese

This is the long-awaited episode 4 of my 'admiration for super people' series. If you want to see my other posts in this tag, click here
Let me introduce another fantastic, beautiful, lady; Kiera.  

NAME: Kiera

AGE: Posed this question on Tumblr last year, she answered "forever young". (Me too, Kiera.)
LIVES: Virginia
LINKS: http://instagram.com/kieraplease // https://twitter.com/KieraPlease // http://kieraplease.tumblr.com/

WHY IS SHE GREAT? I'm a big fan of anyone who is unashamedly proud to be themselves. Blogger and creative advertising student Kiera is a true example of just that. I wish I was half as sure of myself, or half as brave as she seems. Across all social media platforms, she comes across as smart and kind and SO beautiful. I love how her look changes, and every single different outfit she puts on is incredible because she is being herself. She has a natural talent and eye for what looks good, both on her, and on her beautifully curated blog. 

I stumbled across Kiera's tumblr after I saw the first picture in this post a couple of months ago. I scoured the internet trying to figure out who that bright eyed, big haired girl decorated in flowers was. I followed her, and stayed following, for her quirky pluckiness and on-point selfies. She must be part-cat, she's almost certainly part-alien, and is undoubtedly 100% brilliant. If I met her, I'd want to ask how she achieves this unworldly level of incredible - but I think her answer is probably that it's just her. Kiera is genuinely, naturally, extraordinary and I love her for it. 

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March 23, 2015

THE BEST no-budge liquid liner

Since I started this blog it has transitioned from Fashion blog to Beauty blog to Travel blog. I've been all over the place with themes and aesthetics and I've come to the conclusion that it's simply a whatever-I-want-it-to-be blog. But I'm back as a #bblogger with a Make Up Product Review! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. This product, which I will name and shame in just a moment, has me all riled up. I don't know if I love it or hate it. I'm obsessed to the point where I've actually found myself telling my brother's friend about it. He was disinterested to say the least.

After that hype,  let me introduce you to Seventeen's 'Tattoo Me' Semi-Permanent Liquid Eyeliner. I have 'Raven Black' the darkest colour, claiming to last up to 48 hours with unrivaled staying power. Liquid liner is my go-to daily product. Nothing makes me feel more put together than the perfect cat-eye. When people compliment my eyeliner I take it to heart. Because honestly, thank you for noticing, this should be noticed.

I used Collection 2000's black liquid liner for years, purely because it was cheap. I got used to the brush and the texture of the product, as well as the lovely price and I stuck with it. Last week, I ran out. I was on my way into work, without my eyeliner. I headed for the nearest Boots to pick up another and the branch didn't stock Collection. So I grabbed something else...  'Semi-Permanent Liner'? Great! I want this to last the whole day. Yes please!

The first thing I will say about this product is that you better have your eye liner technique PERFECTED before using. This bad boy DOES NOT BUDGE. That means any mistake you make, is basically going to mess up your entire face if you try to scrape it off. It happened me, this is a cautionary tale. I was putting my face together in the locker room before starting my shift and I didn't wait till my liner was dry... and I blinked and got a little black dot on my eye lid. I got some tissue and tried to rub it off. But this was going no where. I used water. I scraped my lid until it was red, and in the process dragged the dot further so it was a line. Finally, I had to crack open the eye shadows and head up to the floor looking like I was going on a night out, the make-up was that heavy. Covering it up was my only option in the short time I had. So be warned, you better have the highest level of liquid liner skills before using this. Seriously. 

I don't know what Seventeen were thinking when they invented this. I don't know anyone who really needs a liquid liner to last 48 hours. This does exactly that. They are not exaggerating. I cleansed my face three times and there was still remnants of that day's liner. It came off when I wash my face the next day, but honestly, you'd think you'd be able to clean your face. It could be the answer to all your lazy-day prayers though. As an experiment (read: I was obsessed with this eye liner) I decided to wash my face except for my eye make-up one night. So I went to bed with 'Tattoo Me' on my lids, and I woke up with it still there. I wore that shit around all day, and tossed and turned with it all night and woke up the next morning with eye liner flicks so sharp they could cut you. I didn't try a second night, but I did wear it that day, delighted with the time I saved in the morning, and disgusted at myself for even trying this out.

THIS PRODUCT IS SO GOOD. IT'S TOO GOOD. On one hand, it does not move. It is the darkest shade of black, and the brush is just thin enough to create the perfect wings. On the other hand, it does. not. move. At all. Even when you want it too. I'm almost scared to use it because I know what an effort it will be to try and take off. But no other liner will last as long. It is sad and superficial, but this eye liner has been on my mind more than I would like to admit. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT I COULD BE THIS PREOCCUPIED BY A MAKE-UP PRODUCT?! Someone take this away from me. But actually don't because nothing else will do now. I don't know what else to say. How do I rate this? 10/10? 0/10? I can't decide. Will you all just try it and join me in this eye liner hell?!

Eleanor x

March 3, 2015

March Mood Board: Death by Inundation

Distracting myself on Tumblr is something I became quite good at whilst at university. The spare time didn't help with my blog obsession, and even now (with barely any spare time) I still find myself scrolling the endless abyss of my dashboard.
I keep collecting photos I like and making mood boards for no apparent reason. I have shown you a couple before when I talked about Wes Anderson, but I thought I'd share some more. I'd like to have a big cork board with cut outs from magazines and love letters but I'm working two/three jobs right now and all I do when I'm at home is eat pasta. Also, no one has written me a love letter. 
images from tumblr and my instagram
I know I shite on (and on) about being inspired so you're probably sick of me. I'm sick of me. I need to be realistic about this 'life' thing. I should be turning to my boss, or my successful friends or Beyonce for inspiration. Not some 16-year old kids Tumblr. But I think we all know that I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm trying to change that.
I've been writing a bit. I write for my internship a good bit, and I've been publishing articles on Intrigue.ie BUT I still don't know if this is what I do. So I just keep making different plans and seeing what happens. 
At the moment, the grand plan is 
Bet you weren't expecting that. This is it though folks, now that I've said it, I can hardly turn around and change my mind. It's happening. And I'm terrified. 
That's that. I need to grow up. So, a midst these weird collages and .gifs, I'm announcing my plan. Let's get up and go to America.
I will keep you updated on my Visa application, and you can keep all your fingers crossed for me.


February 24, 2015

Street Style is Better

To me, fashion week  isn't about what's on the catwalks. I prefer browsing the street style blogs around this time of year. A lot of people seem to begrudge fashionistas for going over the top with their street style choices. It does seem like the more bizarre the outfit, the higher the chance that you'll appear on vogue.com the next day. I don't know why that's necessarily a bad thing. Fashion is a serious industry, and this is one of the most important times of the year for designers, and followers of fashion. Wearing full astronaut gear to Somerset House does seem a bit ridiculous, but it's fun. It's the time of the year to go over the top and wear something crazy. If you're going to wear that three piece cat print pant suit, there is no better place. It's all about being brave and standing out and wearing whatever you want, and why shouldn't it be. You're surrounded by models being paid to look good, so you may as well put on something funky.

I love street style photography because it's real. That's not a model walking in head to toe Chanel. That's a real person who laughs with their friends, and trips over cobble stones and gets hair stuck in her lipgloss. That man polished those trainers at 6am this morning before standing up on a train for an hours commute. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing what the latest trends are, and who Kendall Jenner ISN'T walking for. But I love seeing how those braving the New York snow stay warm and fashionable pals joking about their hangry juice-cleanse tantrums. Street style is better, because it's real style. What someone wakes up and chooses to wear for the day is so much more interesting to me than any designers new season collection. 
Go grab your grandma's old curtains and tell everyone it's a cape. 

Be back soon.