February 23, 2014

Pink Landscapes, Fuischa Mountains, Lavender Trees

Richard Mosse first exhibited 'The Enclave' for the Irish Pavillion in Venice last year. I had the opportunity to go to see his work in the RHA Gallery in Dublin a few weeks ago and I was blown away. I briefly spoke about this in a post before, but  I wanted to properly share this amazing artists' photography with you, because the aesthetic of the pieces alone is spectacular whilst the story and context behind Mosse's exhibition is fascinating.

'The Enclave', falling somewhere between documentary journalism and contemporary art sees Mosse use a discontinued military surveillance film that was originally designed to detect camouflage. The imagery presented to us shows the jungle war zone of the Congo transformed by the camera into a psychedelic dream-world.
The still photographs are mesmerizing. The mountainous forested areas of the Congo are so intense, the sheer size of the photos in the exhibition is amazing, and I felt as though I could step through the frame and into this mind-altering universe. Many of the images include people, but you almost don't even notice them as you become so immersed in the fuchsia world that's presented. 

The second part of the exhibition is a film installation. Visitors end up in a completely blacked out room, facing multiple screens showing footage of armed rebel groups and the violence war zone that is the Democratic Republic of Congo. The scenes are broken and not explained contextually by any voice overs, instead the sounds are uncomfortable and eerie, adding to the fiercely sinister atmosphere. 

I left the exhibition feeling stirred, it would be difficult not to be disturbed by some of the video shown. The bright pink colour heightens and intensifies the discomfort experienced and at the same time the film used turns the landscape into something beautifully weird. 

I've always loved that bright, hot pink colour and here it was given a whole new sensation. Looking back at Mosse's photographs now I still think they're stunning landscapes, but I also understand more of what was actually happening behind these captured stills. The mountainous areas look still and peaceful, but the bright, nearly headache-inducing pink is a signal that something is not right.

I suggest you watch the video below and do some good aul' Google researching on the exhibition itself and Richard Mosse and his work. It's all amazing amazing stuff!

I know this kind of post or discussion may not appeal to everyone, but I think it's so interesting and it's SO good to be more aware of what's going on in the world. Art for arts sake - that is, art that is purely decorative - is all well and good, but art that really means something to the artist and the audience is so important, and I think Richard Mosse did such a great job of combining documentary and art. 
Anyway, I'd love to know your thoughts! Please comment below and tell me if you love the work or hate the work or could not care less about art or tell me about your day or your pets or just say hello. I'm not fussy. x

I hope your Sunday is lazy and wonderful!


  1. Really cool pictures !

  2. Oh wow this is beautiful and intense!!


  3. I do photography in college and this collection was brought to our attention. I love it! It's so unnerving in the most wonderful way. Really enjoyed this post :)


  4. This artwork really is captivating. The last photo with the boy and the gun truly struck me. It's amazing how the artist could make an image representing violence and turmoil appear beautiful. It seems almost deliberately done to confuse the senses. The first photograph of the meandering river is also quite striking yet difficult to stare at for too long.

    Thanks for showing us this sample.


  5. Wow. Amazing photography and so unique. Glad you shared xx


  6. amazing pictures. i love the juxtaposition of a young boy holding a gun while surrounded by everything pink.

  7. Wow. These photos are incredible! X
    Elise - Current Covets

  8. Wow, these pictures are amazing. What are you studying as a student? :) simplyratna.blogspot.com

  9. Ooh I actually saw these on someone else's blog a few days ago. They're so beautiful!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  10. Wow, the bright pink landscape looks amazing!

    Love Emma xx



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