July 30, 2014

Where did the sun go, and can it please come back?

Is it cliche to talk about how quickly this summer is going? Because I'm confused as to HOW it is nearly August already. Someone is playing some sort of sick joke. 
I'm back in work full time and it seems as though our Irish "heatwave" is well and truly over, so I'm trying to enjoy my days off as much as possible without the ice cream. A couple of weeks ago I went to the outdoor cinema in Merrion Square to watch Dirty Dancing, where I realized that we're never really told Baby's age. Maybe Patrick Swayze should have left her in the corner until she was legal?! What's the age gap there? Regardless of questionable relationships it was such a nice night, and there's a certain novelty in watching a movie outside. I hope I get to go to a couple more showings! 
I GOT A TATTOO. I wasn't too sure how to segue into that one... 

My first tattoo!! If you've been following this blog for a while I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you (remember this post, anyone?), but I still can't really believe I did it. I'll be doing a post all about the experience and pain and healing and everything soon, so if you have any questions about it do leave them below! 
I've also been talking a lot about this quarter life crisis/life fear situation with a lot of my friends and I think I'm starting to become more OK about not knowing what I want to do with my life. I still have time, I'm young and not even graduated yet!!! I've been considering moving to America in 2015 which is a massive deal for me and just a little bit scary. As much as I'm growing to love Dublin, I do think that I should experience the world and move out (still living at home at 22 is not a good look)! America is pretty far away, so if I don't come back an ~independent woman~ from that I don't know what I'll do!
both photos from my instagram @eleanorcos // .gif found on tumblr

I've been amazingly, surprisingly, FANTASTICALLY nominated for two awards in the Irish Blog Awards! I've been placed in two different categories; 'Best Personal Blog' and 'Best Lifestyle Blog'. I'm so happy and honored to be considered and placed among such amazing writers. Do take your time to check out all the bloggers listed - they're just brilliant. It's incredibly surreal that people actually recognize my little space on the internet and I will be forever squealing at your comments and appreciation. So, hey, hi, you, reading this, right now, AH. This is COOL. Thanks so much. I seriously love you.

I'll be back soon, talking about that little tattoo I got. 
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  1. congrats on the blog nominations! hopefully the sun returns!


  2. Haha the weather has been quite up and down lately (How British are we talking about the weather!) I was freezing the other day with my winter woolies on snuggled up in bed! What's that all about?! Congrats on the nominations, well deserved. Good luck :)


  3. Your tattoo is so cute and congrats on the noms.x lashingsofmascaraon.blogspot.ie

  4. Like your tatt



  5. Congrats on the blog nomination, cute tattoo!


  6. Ugh... I hear you... I don't know where summer went!! And I love the tattoo!! I followed you and it would mean the world if you would check out my blog and maybe follow since I am a new blogger...

  7. Congratulations on the blog nomination! looking forward to your post about our tattoo experience :)


  8. I really want to go live in America but I need a reason to be able to stay, so far so-no reasons. Got to live the American Dream some day. Oh nice, first tat. I have 2, not really in a rush to get anymore.

    Well done on the award double whammy!

    Buckets & Spades

  9. congrats on the nominations.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  10. Congratulations on the nominations! Must feel great. Cute tattoo. But why a cube?


  11. In case you want to grow natural and healthy hair please visit my blog, i'm just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank you!!! Kisses from Barcelona!

  12. Lovely tattoo it really suits you and I love small tattos on the arm looks always great!

    Much love xxx


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