August 12, 2014

100 things I like about Dublin (Part 3) // The Food Edition

So it's been a while since I've written Part 2 of my Love for Dublin series. I don't know why but I'm finding it harder than I thought to think of 100 specific little things I like about this city. You wouldn't guess I've been living here 22 years, would you? I thought I'd narrow things down and make Part 3 about places to eat. I do love eating, and I eat here a lot. So I thought I'd make this edition of the tag/series/whatever this is a list of my favourite restaurants and cafes.
If this is all new to you, you can read Part 1 and see my reasonings behind this tag by clicking here!

021: Boojum - The past few years have seen a surge in the number of Burrito restaurants in Dublin. I don't know why, I guess us dubliners must love Mexican food, but I'm not complaining. There's been a lot of talk about which of these is the best establishment and I (having tried an abundance of our burrito bars, you could call me an expert) can safely say Boojum is my favourite. I work just around the corner from it and have had to restrain myself from going in for a Burrito bowl for lunch everyday. 

022: Foam - Cafe and art gallery combined, a visit to Foam is an experience. The meals I've had there weren't AMAZING, I'm not going to lie to you but they have a huge selection of teas and cakes that are very good. You really want to sit in here all day and stare at all the kitschy tack that's all wonderfully strung together. They have changed up their menu, so I will try some more food stuffs and get back to y'all on that. But go and have some San Pellegrino Lemonade and enjoy the colours. 

023: The Greenery - this is my local brunch spot (my new favourite meal) that does THE BEST scrambled eggs and salmon. Great food, good atmosphere and close to my own home! If you're ever in the Dublin 4 area you must pop in. I love a good suburb restaurant. 

024: KC peaches - To help with my major indesiciveness problem, KC peaches' salad and hot food bar is ideal as I can pick and choose what I want. Amazing chocolate brownies are definitely a plus - I feel like I basically lived here for a short period in my 3rd year of college.

025: Eddie Rockets - If you're Irish you'll definitely know, and probably have enjoyed our own American diner experience. Eddie's is fast food, but great fast food. Their Malts and Milkshakes are so amazing, and the music they play just adds to the experience. If you're ever in the mood to pretend like you're in Grease but you're low on cash and in Ireland just throw on a leather jacket and go here.
026: Captain Americas - Nachos. Cheap cocktails. Done.

027: Hatch & Sons - This is a relatively new find of mine, only having gone for the first time a couple of months ago. It's always a plus to find a really fantastic Irish restaurant and Hatch & Sons is just that. Their Irish fry is beautifully presented and a classic, but they also do sandwiches in Blaas, a Wicklow soft bread roll that are amazing and the perfect size. Situated opposite Stephens Green, it's centrally located and not too expensive at all!

028: Blazing salads - Just off Wicklow street this tiny little take-away does amazing, healthy, vegan food. They have both hot and cold salads and soups. If you're looking for somewhere quick to grab and go this place is perfect! They also sell their own recipe books that I'm dying to have a look at!

029: Herb Street - I'm sorry, I'm going to talk about brunch again. Herb Street's breakfasts are the most amazing things. The french toast and pancakes are so fluffy and thick, my mouth is watering just looking at that picture below. You can find this lovely spot at Grand Canal, near the Bord Gais theatre, which is slowly becoming one of my favourite places in Dublin on a sunny day. Sit outside here on a Sunday morning, grab a freshly squeezed orange juice, and watch the world pass by.
Basically all of these photos are from my instagram @eleanorcos

030: Jo Burger - Another classic Dublin restaurant with really great Irish food, is this Burger joint. They have a great selection of craft beer, but it's the lemonade you need to try, along with the sweet potato fries! And nothing beats a good burger. 

That's it! I'm no restaurant reviewer, or foodie (ew. That word.) but we all need to eat. Eat or die. That's the new motto. So if you're from Dublin, or coming to Dublin, or in Dublin right now, maybe try these places if you haven't been able to get your hands on a guide book where the writers actually know what they're talking about!
I'm off to Galway now for two days so I'll hopefully do some fun things, take photos and be able to share them with you. I might just get drunk with friends, who knows. 
Intrigue just posted the interview I did with Clare Lyons, so if you like photography, or art, or me, or interviews or reading you should click here - THANKS.

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  1. Ooh I'm going to Dublin on the 24th of Aug! I'll have to go back to your part 1! xx

    1. ah yay! do let me know if you want any other suggestions of what to do - exciting! x

  2. Check out 37 West and Massimos in Galway. the food is unbelievable :)


    1. AH NO i wish i had seen this! - guess i'll just have to go back now! :) xx


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