August 15, 2014

Blog Love #02: Handful of Fashion

Erika Bowes is one of my favourite bloggers out there. Her wardrobe is perfect., her face is even better and I love her smart, blunt personality too. She comes across as strongly opinionated answering questions on Tumblr but seems so much sweeter and maybe even shy in person. This 'Cyberstar' video is a great introduction to her and her Tumblr blog, (but this is from a good while ago.) - I just love her accent!
Her style is really versatile and  in her blog posts she rocks looks from layered grunge outfits, in an over-sized vintage coat to simplistic minimalism. I love that you never know what to expect with her - she recently dyed her hair a stunning grey colour! Who knew that granny-chic could look that cool?

And 5 hours later…….��happy new hair day
She is currently studying fashion at university and it really has been so interesting to follow the development of her style over the past year or so since I've discovered her. She has matured a lot and it's clear that she knows what suits her, and what's on trend and how to take both into consideration. 
Both her Blogspot and her Tumblr are so inspiring! I love her food and lifestyle posts too, her healthy meals and strong opinions are great too - she seems like such a great individual, and someone who really knows who she is. If you don't know who she is already I highly recommend checking out her various social media accounts, her Instagram is also one of my favorites! And keep your eyes peeled for that face, Erika is going places. 

Hope you're all keeping well! I'll be back with a post about my little trip to Galway soon. But check out my Instagram if you want to see what I got up to before then!
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  1. Such a gorgeous girl !


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  3. I hadn't heard of her, I will check her out, loving her style! :)
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